3 Ways to Burn More Fat

If you’re like me then every April I make a promise to myself that this will be the year that I get that “Summer Body”. The one where you’re not scared to take your top off on the beach or by the pool. However, most years I have to settle for something far from the perfect summer physique.

This post is going to look at 3 ways that you can add in to your training regime and nutrition that will help you to burn more fat. This will be the year that you get your summer body!

Swap out the high calorie foods

Since the majority of weight/fat loss cases revolve around the relationship between calories in and calories out then this is going to help to put you in a calorie deficit – calories out > calories in. If we look at the 3 macronutrients then here is how many calories per gram of each one:

  • Protein – 4 cal per gramcalories
  • Carbohydrate – 4 cal per gram
  • Fats – 9 cal per gram

So if your goal is to restrict the amount of calories you’re eating then the logical suggestion is to build your diet around protein and carbs as they contain a lower amount of calories.

This isn’t to say that you should cut fats out completely though as they play a vital part in maintaining healthy processes within the body but what it does mean is that by restricting how much butter, milk, oil etc you consume then you can cut a serious amount of calories out of your daily intake without starving yourself.

Up your NEAT

NEAT stands for non-exercise activity thermogenisis. Put simply it is the amount of calories burnt through everyday activities such as:


  • Walking
  • Climbing stairs
  • Cycling
  • Housework
  • Gardening
  • Even shopping!

Quite often people will forget about the energy spent doing these tasks and only focus on the energy spent during their gym sessions. You are in the gym for maybe 1 hour per day which leaves another 23 hours where you can make a real difference.

If you drive to work could you walk or cycle, or even park a few hundred metres away so you have to walk the rest. Could you take the stairs rather than the lift? It is simple daily tasks like these where you can increase your calorie expenditure which would mean you are in more of a calorie deficit or you can eat more during that day to keep the same deficit you were in before.

Don’t give up!

Nearly everyone who has tried to lose weight has accidentally cheated on their diet at some point or another. It takes someone with immense will power to be able to turn down all the junk food and alcohol that is on offer these days.

fat loss quote

Should this happen to you then instead of giving up and saying you’ll start again next week, say to yourself you made a mistake and then put it to the back of your mind and carry on with what you were doing. One bad meal isn’t going to ruin your progress but one bad week will.

You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t give in to temptation every now and again! Just put it down to a mistake and carry on eating for your weight loss goal and you will get there. Unfortunately it is a marathon and not a sprint, the weight didn’t get put on overnight so it won’t come off overnight either.

Hopefully this can provide the motivation you need to reach your goals this year, I’ll leave you with this:

“Never let a stumble in the road be the end of your journey”


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