4 Tips for Getting Lean

First of all I will start by saying that not all of these tips should be done all year round. This is a guide to getting lean so the few weeks before a holiday or even the few weeks after a holiday! I am a massive advocate of having a balanced diet however this is for those occasions where you want to drop a pound or two.

1. Cooking in bulk

If you have a busy job and a busy social life then this will be a complete saviour if you are looking to lean up. It is nearly impossible to eat healthily if your life is hectic. There will be times where you don’t have time to prepare fresh nutrient dense meals so you have to settle for takeaways or easy meals.

By cooking in batch you are eliminating this problem as you will always have something healthy and home cooked to hand. Set aside a day or two days per week where you will cook all of your meals then you can simply put them in the fridge or freezer and get them out when you need them. By doing this it should help you stay away from takeaways and fast food!

2. Use supplements

Supplements are a great way of upping your protein intake without having to consume a meal. If you’re short of time but need to get in your fix of protein then 1 scoop of whey will usually have between 20 to 25g of muscle-building goodness in. Combine this with a piece of fruit or some nuts and you’ve got yourself a healthy snack.

3. Never skip meals

It may sound like a good idea as you won’t be taking in calories which is the aim when getting lean right? Wrong. By skipping meals you are more likely to gorge on unhealthy foods when you do eat as your blood sugar levels drop making you crave sugary foods or drinks. This is a one way street to killing any progress you have made. It is better to eat small, regular meals to keep your blood sugar levels stable and hunger at bay.

4. Increase your NEAT

NEAT is non-exercise activity thermogenesis. NEAT, your basal metabolic rate (BMR), and the thermic effect of the foods you eat are what make up much of your energy expenditure in the day. Sure, you burn calories when you are in the gym but don’t forget about the rest of the day. The more calories you burn the more food you can eat and when you are looking to get lean that is beneficial! Here are a few ways to increase your NEAT:

  • Walk around when taking phone calls
  • Take the stairs not the lift
  • Walk or bike to work (if possible)
  • Utilise your breaks to move around, don’t stay seated!

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